woman with ladder
Illustration by Piya Willwerth

Well, it's been three months since I started on March 18, 2021! What do we have?

I've learned a hell of a lot, is what we have now. I've learned that one post per week is about optimal for me right now, given my full schedule of commitments. I've discovered that illustrating a blog post in addition to writing one has taught me a lot about context and scheduling -- and that reserving the mental space for creativity is key.

I've discovered that people really like bullet points and numbered lists, and that you need to make the text visually informative in addition to having actual informative text.

I've realized that SEO is an even more important part of having a blog than I ever thought -- and that's why I need to go back and improve on the blog entries that I currently have.

This blog is an ongoing project and a case study.

It's not a traditional career blog in the sense that I'm not an expert, nor am I claiming to be -- I'm an explorer, and a tinkerer. You know that guy who's always in his garage, fixing something or other on his car or motorcycle? That's me, with this blog. I am trying to create a really useful artifact.

That means I need to go back over the entries I've already posted, and develop each idea more fully. What do writers always say? Write first, and edit later. The important thing is to get the idea on the page. From there, you can look at it, kick the tires, and see what it is that you've made -- and make it better.

Revisiting the reason I'm doing this

I always want to get better! I think a lot of people get hung up on the idea that they need to be perfect, but they forget the fact that practice makes perfect. You don't get to be highly skilled at anything on the first try, no matter how well you prepare. You need to do the thing first, and then step back and examine your weak spots.

What I'll be doing now

I'm also planning to talk myself through the process -- so that we can all learn together. Onwards and upwards, my children.

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