Everybody Starts Somewhere

I’ll be honest: Some people might make fun of you. It’s not fun, and it’s not great, but if you accept that it will happen, it will probably lessen the sting.

4 Areas to Level Up Your Life

When did “leveling up” became part of the self-improvement lexicon? Was it a video game thing? I’m not mad at it — just curious. When people talk about “leveling up” or encourage each other to “level up,” what they really mean is doing the work to make their lives better.

Happiness is an activity, not a goal

In other words, you need to understand what makes you happy, and work for that — not “happiness” itself. Happiness itself is hazy, undefined.

Flexibility is Key

If we’ve learned one thing (hopefully more than one thing) in 2020, it’s that having a single source of income is not enough.